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Genetic Nature, Culture Anthropology and Science beyond the Two-Culture Divide - Alan Goodman


Anthropology in an Age of Genetics: Practice, Discourse,
and Critique
M. Susan Lindee, Alan Goodman, and Deborah Heath / 1
part i. nature/culture
Section A. Human Populations/Genetic Resources
1. Indigenous Peoples, Changing Social and Political Landscapes,
and Human Genetics in Amazonia
Ricardo Ventura Santos / 23
2. Provenance and the Pedigree: Victor McKusick’s Fieldwork
with the Old Order Amish
M. Susan Lindee / 41

3. Flexible Eugenics: Technologies of the Self in the Age of Genetics
Karen-Sue Taussig, Rayna Rapp, and Deborah Heath / 58
4. The Commodification of Virtual Reality: The Icelandic Health
Sector Database
Hilary Rose / 77
Section B. Animal Species/Genetic Resources
5. Kinship, Genes, and Cloning: Life after Dolly
Sarah Franklin / 95

6. For the Love of a Good Dog: Webs of Action in the World
of Dog Genetics
Donna Haraway / 111
7. 98% Chimpanzee and 35% Daffodil: The Human Genome
in Evolutionary and Cultural Context
Jonathan Marks / 132
part ii. culture/nature
Section A. Political and Cultural Identity
8. From Pure Genes to GMOs: Transnationalized Gene Landscapes
in the Biodiversity and Transgenic Food Networks
Chaia Heller and Arturo Escobar / 155
9. Future Imaginaries: Genome Scientists as Sociocultural Entrepreneurs
Joan H. Fujimura / 176
10. Reflections and Prospects for Anthropological Genetics in
South Africa
Himla Soodyall / 200
Section B. Race and Human Variation
11. The Genetics of African Americans: Implications for Disease
Gene Mapping and Identity
Rick Kittles and Charmaine Royal / 219
12. Human Races in the Context of Recent Human Evolution:
A Molecular Genetic Perspective
Alan R. Templeton / 234
13. Buried Alive: The Concept of Race in Science
Troy Duster / 258
14. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Promise and Problems of
Ancient DNA for Anthropology
Frederika A. Kaestle / 278


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