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Is Human Nature Obsolete? Genetics, Bioengineering, and the Future of the Human Condition - Andrew Lustig


1 Introduction 1
Harold W. Baillie
Timothy K. Casey
I Historical Perspectives 33
2 Nature, Technology, and the Emergence of Cybernetic
Humanity 35
Timothy K. Casey
3 Nature and Human Nature 67
Mark Sagoff

4 Life Sciences: Discontents and Consolations 99
Paul Rabinow
5 Genetic Engineering and Eugenics: The Uses of History 123
Diane B. Paul
II Embodiment and Self-Identity 153
6 The Body and the Quest for Control 155
Jean Bethke Elshtain
7 Visions and Re-visions: Life and the Accident of Birth 177
Richard M. Zaner
8 Aristotle and Genetic Engineering: The Uncertainty of
Excellence 209
Harold W. Baillie
III Freedom and Telos 233
9 Human Recency and Race: Molecular Anthropology, the
Refigured Acheulean, and the UNESCO Response to
Auschwitz 235
Robert N. Proctor
10 Human Nature in a Post–Human Genome Project World 269
Thomas A. Shannon
11 Telos, Value, and Genetic Engineering 317
Bernard E. Rollin
IV Social and Political Critiques 337
12 Nature, Sin, and Society 339
Lisa Sowle Cahill
13 Human Genetic Intervention: Past, Present, and Future 367
LeRoy Walters
14 Resistance Is Futile: The Posthuman Condition and Its
Advocates 385
Langdon Winner


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