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Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes, 4th edition - .E. Vance, J.E. Vance


1. Functional roles of lipids in membranes (W. Dowhan, M. Bogdanov).
2. Lipid modifications of proteins (N.A. Baumann, A.K. Menon).
3. Fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism in prokaryotes (R.J. Heath, S. Jackowski, C.O. Rock).
4. Lipid metabolism in plants (K.M. Schmid, J.B. Ohlrogge).
5. Oxidation of fatty acids in eukaryotes (H. Schulz).
6. Fatty acid synthesis in eukaryotes (V.S. Rangan, S. Smith).
7. Fatty acid desaturation and chain elongation in eukaryotes (H.W. Cook, C.R. McMaster).
8. Phospholipid biosynthesis in eukaryotes (D.E. Vance).
9. Ether-linked lipids and their bioactive species (F. Snyder, Ten-ching Lee, R.L. Wykle).
10. Adipose tissue and lipid metabolism (D.A. Bernlohr, A.E. Jenkins, A.A. Bennaars).
11. Phospholipases (D.C. Wilton, M. Waite).
12. Glycerolipids in signal transduction (L.C. McPhail).

13. The eicosanoids: cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase, and epoxygenase pathways (W.L. Smith, R.C. Murphy).
14. Sphingolipids: metabolism and cell signaling (A.H. Merrill Jr., K. Sandhoff).
15. Cholesterol biosynthesis (L. Liscum).
16. Metabolism and function of bile acids (L.B. Agellon).
17. Lipid assembly into cell membranes (D.R. Voelker).
18. Lipoprotein structure (A. Jonas).
19. Assembly and secretion of lipoproteins (J.E. Vance).
20. Dynamics of lipoprotein transport in the human circulatory system (P.E. Fielding, C.J. Fielding).
21. Lipoprotein receptors (W.J. Schneider).
22. Lipids and atherosclerosis (I. Tabas).

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