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F1 Visa Interview Experience at Mumbai Consulate

Hey Guys, 

Here is the detailed description of Sanjay's Visa Interview. This is an example of real Interview on June 21st, 2010.

Sanjay: Good Morning Sir
Visa Officer: Good Morning Mr. Sanjay

Visa Officer: which course did you apply for?
Sanjay: MBA in financial Management

Visa Officer: Which college/university?
Sanjay: Pace University Lubin School of Business

Visa Officer: Why only Pace? Why not any other university?
Sanjay: Pace university Lubin school of business is well renowned for it MBA program in finance. It has real time trading floor and provides you real experience rather than just theoretical knowledge. There are only few Business Schools ahead of Lubin School when it comes to MBA in finance. Business School ahead of Lubin School in MBA Finance ranking are Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, NY Stern, Rochester Simon ……..

Visa Officer interrupted me and said “Ok”
Visa Officer: What is location of your school?
Sanjay: It’s in Westchester but it has two more campuses in New York city & Pleasantville though Pleasantville is not for graduates.

Visa Officer: Which universities did you apply?
Sanjay: mentioned 5 names X, Y, Z …….

Visa Officer: Did you get any acceptance from them.
Sanjay: Yes, I got acceptance from three and mentioned X, Y, U with scholarship amounts.

Visa Officer: What do your parents do?
Sanjay: My Father is a a Bank Employee and my Mother is a housewife.

Visa Officer: Where are you from?
Sanjay: Madhya Pradesh

Visa Officer started looking into my file on computer and I asked him for a query.
Sanjay: Sir, I have to say something. Can I?
Visa Officer: yes, sure

Sanjay: Actually, I forgot to mention some important information in my DS-160 so I filled a new DS-160 form which you have with you.
Visa Officer: thats ok, no problem. Your Visa is approved.

It’s pretty easy if you prepare in advance guys. Even if you have low scores or your duration of course on I-20 is more than the normal program length, it’ll not hurt your chances of getting visa. Only thing is that you should know how to justify your low scores.

One more thing, VO takes a great concentration on your information that you have provided into DS-160. Fill your DS-160 with great care. Some guys complain that VOs are dumb and they reject visas without any reason. Well, VOs are well trained and have vast experience. Just by looking at your DS-160 they can tell about you.

 Here is one example:

In DS-160 one question is “How long do you intend to stay in US?” You answered “36 months” in DS-160.
If your course duration as mentioned on I-20 is 24 months.

Now during Interview VO will ask the same question in different style. Question might be like this “Will you come back to India as soon as you complete your course?”
Most of us will say “yes for sure”, but guys what about the answer which you have provided in DS-160. (It was 36 months)

VO is not dumb. He has your whole profile in front of him during interview and he is looking at the same thing at that time. The moment you said, “yes for sure”. He will say only these words’ “Sorry, we can’t give you a visa” because you’re lying. In DS-160 you’re saying you’ll stay for 36 months and now during interview you’re saying that you will come back after 24 months. VO is smart enough to find this.

So fill all forms very carefully and answer questions in DS-160 after thinking 10 times. Even if you’re planning to go to US one month before your course commencement date then include it in your intended length of stay.
I hope this information will help you.

If you want to share your experience during Visa Interview, Leave it as a comment here and we will publish it on our Website.

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