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Neurological Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience - Mark D'Esposito


1 Neglect: A Disorder of Spatial
Attention 1
Anjan Chatterjee
2 B├ílint’s Syndrome: A Disorder of
Visual Cognition 27
Robert Rafal
3 Amnesia: A Disorder of Episodic
Memory 41
Michael S. Mega
4 Semantic Dementia: A Disorder of
Semantic Memory 67
John R. Hodges
5 Topographical Disorientation:
A Disorder of Way-Finding Ability 89
Geoffrey K. Aguirre

6 Acquired Dyslexia: A Disorder of
Reading 109
H. Branch Coslett
7 Acalculia: A Disorder of
Numerical Cognition 129
Darren R. Gitelman
8 Transcortical Motor Aphasia:
A Disorder of Language Production 165
Michael P. Alexander
9 Wernicke Aphasia: A Disorder of
Central Language Processing 175
Jeffrey R. Binder
10 Apraxia: A Disorder of Motor
Control 239
Scott Grafton
11 Lateral Prefrontal Syndrome:
A Disorder of Executive Control 259
Robert T. Knight and Mark D’Esposito

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