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The online English Grammar

The online English grammar is a compilation of online version of this tutorial. It is a comprehensive guide in true sense.


1. active/passive equivalents
Keywords: active, passive equivalent
2. as + adjective + as
Keywords: as, adjective
3. as present participle
Keywords: present participle , with verbs of movement with verbs of perception, as adjective with
spend, with waste, with catch, with find, replacing time clause, replacing reason clause
4. certainty
Keywords: certainly, definitely, probably, surely
5. changes of time and place reference
Keywords: time reference, place reference

6. common irregular verbs - group 1
Keywords: irregular verbs
7. common irregular verbs - group 2
Keywords: irregular verbs
8. common irregular verbs - group 3
Keywords: irregular verbs
9. comparative + than
Keywords: comparative , than, adjective
10. comparative form
Keywords: comparative, adverbs
11. comparatives & superlatives
Keywords: comparatives, superlatives, adjectives
12. comparisons of quantity - showing no difference
Keywords: quantity, comparison, adjective, difference
13. comparisons of quantity - menu
Keywords: quantity, comparison, adjective
14. comparisons of quantity - showing difference
Keywords: quantity, comparison, adjective, difference
15. compound nouns
Keywords: compound nouns, phrasal verbs
16. countable & uncountable
Keywords: countable, uncountable, noun
17. defining relative clauses
Keywords: defining relative clauses
18. defining words - which,whose
Keywords: which, whose
19. degree - enough,very,too,extremely,almost etc
Keywords: enough, very, too, extremely, almost, nearly, completely
20. demonstratives - this,that,these,those etc
Keywords: this, that, these, those, determiners
21. difference words - other,another
Keywords: other, another
22. distributives - all, both, half
Keywords: all, both, half, distributives, determiners
23. distributives - each, every, either, neither
Keywords: each, every, either, neither
24. distributives - menu
Keywords: all, both, half, each, every, either, neither
25. examples
Keywords: get, got, getting
26. exceptions to using the definite article

Keywords: no definite article, determiner, exceptions
27. form - adjectives
Keywords: gender, position, form, adjective
28. form - adverb
Keywords: adverb, form
29. form -past
Keywords: be + past participle
30. form, with or without 'to'
Keywords: to-infinitive, zero infinitive
31. function
Keywords: order, adjectives, function
32. function
Keywords: adverb, function
33. function
Keywords: function, infinitive of purpose, infinitive as subject, infinitive after adjectives, infinitive
with too/enough
34. function
Keywords: unknown agent, subject, by formal/scientific texts
35. future continuous
Keywords: future, actions in progress
36. future forms - introduction
Keywords: future, attitude
37. future forms - simple future
Keywords: will/shall, prediction, decision, future facts, certainty
38. future perfect
Keywords: future, completed actions
39. future perfect continuous
Keywords: unfinished, future time
40. future with 'going to'
Keywords: plans, intentions
41. gerund or infinitive?
Keywords: gerund/infinitive-, no difference in meaning
42. gerund/infinitive - difference in meaning
Keywords: gerund/infinitive, difference in meaning
43. gerunds
Keywords: gerund, as subject, after prepositions, after phrasal verbs, in compound nouns, can't
stand.can't help
44. get,got,getting
Keywords: get, got, getting
45. get/have something done, x needs doing
Keywords: get, need
46. if sentences with conditional perfect continuous
Keywords: conditional perfect continuous
47. if sentences with if + past,would,present condtional
Keywords: if + past, would, present condtional
48. if sentences with if,condtional tenses
Keywords: if, condtional tenses
49. if sentences with if+not,unless,verbs
Keywords: if+not, unless, verbs
50. if sentences with mixed conditionals
Keywords: mixed conditionals
51. if sentences with perfect conditional,if + past perfect
Keywords: perfect conditional, if + past perfect
52. if sentences with wish, would rather, suppose, what if, if only
Keywords: wish, would rather, suppose, what if, if only
53. if setences with present continuous conditional
Keywords: present continuous conditional
54. infinitive after question words
Keywords: infinitive, question words
55. interrogative - why, where, how, when
Keywords: why, where, how, when
56. introduction - defining relative clauses, non-defining relative clauses
Keywords: defining relative clauses, non-defining relative clauses
57. introduction - irregular verbs

Keywords: verbs, irregular
58. introduction - present participle, gerund
Keywords: present participle, gerund
59. introduction - reported speech, 'that', say, tell, talk, speak
Keywords: reported speech, 'that', say, tell, talk, speak
60. irregular comparatives & superlatives
Keywords: irregular comparatives, superlatives, adjectives
61. list of common irregular verb
Keywords: irregular, verbs
62. main menu - adjectives
Keywords: adjectives
63. main menu - adverbs
Keywords: adverbs
64. manner - adverbs
Keywords: adverbs, manner
65. menu - function and class
Keywords: determiners, function, class, pre-determiners
66. menu - kinds of adverbs
Keywords: kinds, adverbs
67. menu - nouns
Keywords: nouns
68. menu - quantifiers
Keywords: much, many, a little, a few, some, any
69. menu / introduction
Keywords: menu, introduction, tenses
70. nationalities
Keywords: nationalities, country, nouns
71. negative infinitive
Keywords: negative infinitive
72. non-defining relative clauses
Keywords: relative clauses, non-defining
73. not as + adjective + as
Keywords: not, as, so, not as, not so, adjective
74. noun gender
Keywords: gender, masculine, feminine, noun
75. order of adjectives
Keywords: order, adjectives
76. other forms of future
Keywords: is to, obligation, about to, immediate future
77. other forms of infinitive
Keywords: perfect infinitive, continuous infinitive, passive infinitive, perfect continuous infinitive
78. past continuous
Keywords: past continuous, description, narrative
79. past perfect
Keywords: past perfect, just
80. past perfect continuous
Keywords: past perfect continuous, process, reported speech
81. place, adverbs of place
Keywords: adverbs, place
82. plurals
Keywords: singular plural, irregular plural, noun
83. possessive
Keywords: possessive, time expressions, apostrophe, names, possessive
84. possessives
Keywords: possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns, my, mine, your, yours, his, her, hers, our,
ours, their, theirs
85. pre-determiners
Keywords: such, what, rather, quite
86. prepositions in relative clauses
Keywords: prepositions, relative clauses
87. present continuous
Keywords: -ing, verbs, tenses, present participle, verbs not used in continuous form
88. present continuous for future events
Keywords: arrangements, future

89. present perfect 1
Keywords: present perfect, past participle, irregular verbs
90. present perfect 2
Keywords: present perfect, ever, never, already, yet
91. present perfect 3
Keywords: present perfect, simple past, time, attitude
92. present perfect 4
Keywords: present perfect, for, since
93. present perfect continous
Keywords: present perfect continous, present participle
94. quantifiers 1 - determiners,a few,few,a little,little
Keywords: determiners, a few, few, a little, little
95. quantifiers 2 - many,much,more,most etc.
Keywords: many, much, more, most, little, less, least, few, fewer, fewest
96. quantifiers 3 - how,much,many,few,lot etc.
Keywords: how, much, many, few, lot, number, several, countable, uncountable
97. quantifiers 4 - numbers
Keywords: cardinal, ordinal, fractions, decimals, units, years, zero
98. quantifiers 5 - some and any
Keywords: determiners, quantifiers, some, any
99. quantifiers 6 - something,somebody,someone etc.
Keywords: something, somebody, someone, somewhere, anything, anybody, anyone, anywhere,
nothing, nobody, noone, nowhere,
100. quantifiers 7 - enough
Keywords: enough, quantifiers, determiners
101. question words - which,what,whose
Keywords: which, what, whose
102. relative adverbs - which,what,whose
Keywords: where, when, why
103. reporting hopes and intentions
Keywords: hopes, intentions, to-infinitive, that-clause
104. reporting orders, requests, suggestions
Keywords: orders, requests, suggestions, should - omission, that-clause
105. reporting questions
Keywords: reporting yes/no questions, reporting questions with question words
106. simple past
Keywords: simple past, form, function, irregular verbs, irregular verbs, auxiliary 'did', ago
107. simple present
Keywords: verbs, tenses, present simple
108. simple present for future events
Keywords: future, facts, timetable, calendar
109. summary
Keywords: verb tenses, present tenses, perfect tenses, conditional tenses, past tenses, future tenses
110. summary of reporting verbs
Keywords: summary, reporting verbs, to-infintive, that-clause
111. tense changes
Keywords: reported speech, tense changes
112. the + superlative
Keywords: the, superlative, adjectives
113. the definite article
Keywords: the, definite article
114. the indefinite article
Keywords: the, indefinite article, a, an
115. the,a,an
Keywords: the, a, an, indefinite article, exceptions
116. time, adverbs of
Keywords: adverbs, time
117. type 1 conditional
Keywords: if + present + future, fact
118. use of capital letters
Keywords: capital letters, names, months, days, holidays, seasons, geographical, names, streets,
buildings, titles of books, nouns
119. verbs + infinitive with/without noun
Keywords: verb with or without noun + infinitive

120. verbs followed by gerund
Keywords: verb + gerund
121. verbs followed by infinitive
Keywords: verbs + infinitive without a noun
122. verbs followed by noun + infinitive
Keywords: verb + noun + infinitive
123. viewpoint, commenting
Keywords: adverbs, viewpoint, commenting
124. zero conditional
Keywords: if + present, general truths, instructions
125. zero infinitive
Keywords: zero infinitive

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