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Revised GRE from August, 2011

Some salient features of new test

  1. New preview and review capabilities within a section
  2. New "mark and review" feature to tag questions, so you can skip and return later
  3. New ability to change/edit answers within a section
  4. New on-screen calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning section
  5. New questions that better reflect the skills you'll need for graduate and business school
  6. New answer formats, including tasks such as numeric entry and highlighting a sentence in a passage to answer a question
  7. Less reliance on vocabulary out of context, more emphasis on reading — and no antonyms or analogies
  8. One Analytical Writing section with two separately timed writing tasks (30 min/task)
  9. Two Verbal Reasoning sections (20 questions, 30 mins/task)
  10. Two Quantitative Reasoning sections (20 questions, 30 mins/task)
  11. One unscored section, typically a Verbal Reasoning or Quantitative Reasoning section, that may appear at any point in the computer-based GRE revised General Test
  12. An identified research section that is not scored may also be included in the computer-based GRE revised General Test
New question types in revised GRE

  1. Antonyms and analogies have been removed from the test, so there are no questions that test vocabulary out of context.
  2. New Text Completion questions test your ability to interpret, evaluate and reason from what you've read. Text Completion questions test this ability by omitting crucial words from short passages, requiring you to fill them in by selecting words or phrases.
  3. New Sentence Equivalence questions test your ability to reach a conclusion about how a sentence should be completed while focusing on the meaning of the whole sentence.
  4. There are more Reading Comprehension questions on the test, including new types of questions, such as selecting multiple correct answer choices instead of just one, or highlighting a sentence within a reading passage to answer the question.
  5. The revised test still requires basic math skills like arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis; however, it will focus more on questions involving data interpretation and real-life scenarios.
  6. New Multiple-choice questions which include some that have more than one correct answer, requiring you to select all of the correct answers from the choices provided.
  7. New Numeric Entry questions require you to enter your answer in a box instead of selecting an answer from a list.
  8. An on-screen calculator for use in this section reduces the emphasis on computation
New scoring method

  1. Verbal Reasoning scores will be reported on a new 130 – 170 score scale, in 1-point increments (versus 200 – 800 in 10-point increments).
  2. Quantitative Reasoning scores will be reported on a new 130 – 170 score scale, in 1-point increments (versus 200 – 800 in 10-point increments).
  3. Analytical Writing scores will continue to be reported on the same 0 – 6 score level, in half-point increments.
50% discount on test fee for revised GRE takers in August and September, 2011

The score will be reported from November, 2011

The registration will start from March, 15, 2011

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