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Choosing Universities/school for graduate studies in USA

Follow this step by step approach to get into the university best suited to you.

1)  First, make up your mind on -

  • Program you want to attend
  • Your economic condition
  • The kind of environment in school
  • The place to live in
  • You potential based on your academia, interest and test score
2)  Search universities and gather more information; if possible visit some of the university

3)  In general, you should apply to those university where the chances of you being accepted are good.

4)  You should apply to one such university, where you will surely be accepted

5)  You should also apply to 2-3 competitive university, as you may never know your abilities.

You should start with almost 50 universities suiting your interests and potential, narrow them down to 20 based on their requirements and finally apply to 6-9 universities.

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