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F1 Visa Experience with Tips and suggestions

Student: Good Morning Sir

Visa Officer:Good Morning.How are u ?

Student:Fine,Thank you ?

Visa Officer: Give me your Folder
(This Folder has the Mandatory Documents:
i- 20, DS forms, Sevis fee, Visa fee receipt,
web appointment letter,passport)

Visa Officer asked me to give the Provisional, Mark sheets and GRE/Toefl score sheets
so i gave them the documents

Visa Officer: I think he got impressed by seeing First Class with Distinction so no questions regarding academics, nothing he asked neither y usa?y this univ?y this major?

Visa Officer: the first question he asked me was.How are u going to support your education?

Student: My father is sponsoring me

Visa Officer: What does he do?

Student : i said he is a Branch Manager in X firm

Before me completing the sentence.Visa Officer asked

Visa Officer:How much he earns?

 Student:  I said " he earns 150,000 per annum"

Visa Officer: He repeated "150,000 per annum!!.He stressed the word annum with an impression that the salary is less"

Student: then i continued saying" He has a business thru which he earns 100,000 per annum"

Visa Officer:Show me your documentation

Student: i gave my CA report

He hardly looked at that and kept a side.

Visa Officer:So any other resources to fund your education:?

Student: Yes sir i have Fixed Deposits and Loan

Visa Officer: Show me your Loan sanction letter

Student: i gave it

Visa Officer:Looking at it ,he asked me"how did u get this loan?

Student:we kept Fixed deposits as security and took that loan

Visa Officer:When you are going to use those Fixed Deposits how can u keep them as security?

Student: No sir, we took the loan from the bank in which he deposited Money

Visa Officer: Oh! so you took the loan from the same bank in which you deposited money

(He gave an expression of satisfaction and was convinced)

Student: I said" Yes sir, we took loan from XYZ Bank in which we have Fixed Deposits:

Visa Officer:So show me your Fixed Deposits

Student: i gave him a bunch of FD's

Visa Officer: He didn't look at the amounts ,neither the names, Just counted the number of FD's I gave.There were around 5-7 of them

Visa Officer: ok man Work Hard and Happy journey

Student: i was thrilled for a moment and said "Thank you" and came off

My suggestions:

1)Just take Genuine documents to as much extent you can.(Bcoz we will be confident and can answer easily.

2) Answer to the question only: pay more attention to what they are asking.So wen asking questions.Answer them to the point.Only wen asked to show the documents.Show it

3)Give the documents which they ask only

4)Above all 'Be Confident'.Think that it is your day. and you just came to collect your Visa.Confidence is got wen do things perfectly.

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  1. Thank You Graduate Studies.. You have helped me a lot in my Visa Preparation. I regularly used your F1 Visa Interview Experiences section.

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