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F1 Visa Experience with Tips and suggestions - 3

Student: Hello sir how r u doing?
Visa Officer: No response

Student: Hello sir how r u doing?
Visa Officer: again no reply

Student: How r u feeling sir?
Visa Officer: What did u say?

Student: Sir,a smile is missing in your face sir
Visa Officer: Seriously!! he said"WHY DO U WANT MY SMILE?"

Student:sir. your smile makes me comfortable and confident
Visa Officer: Oh really?

Student: Yes sir.
Visa Officer: Then he gave a big smile (showing all his teeth)

Visa Officer:  Then he said "NOW HOW U R FEELING?"
Student: now am feeling comfortable sir.

Visa Officer:ok.then shall we begin the interview?
Student: Sure sir

Visa Officer:what are your parents?
Student: My Father has a Electronics showroom and my mother is a Home maker.

Visa Officer: "OK young man.I am Issueing your VISA and your passport will be couriered to you in 2-3 business days.
Student: thank you very much sir,keep smiling and have a nice day sir

I would not rank this as a perfect Interview. It was good that Chris got Visa but this was not the most ideal way. Sometimes the Visa Officer may not like if you don't answer straight and ask general things. So be focused and respond precisely for the question and don't try to be personal with the Visa Officer. Even if he is really in bad mood, trying to improve hid mood can be dangerous to you.

Good Luck

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