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Recommendation Letters (LoR - Letter of Recommendation)

Importance of LoR
LoR serves as verification to your SoP. LoR can add significantly to you chances as it is a confimration of your abilities and capabilities.

Contents of LoR
  • Your academic excellence
  • Your notable achievements
  • Your impact on your recommender
  • Your potential and calibre
  • Your interest and inclination to that particular field
Some attributes of your recommender
  • Likes you/Impressed by you
  • Know you and your abilities well
  • Familiar with the field you are applying
  • Good writer
  • Enthusiastic
  • Who can write with your personal examples rather than general LoR
Dos for LoR
  • Find and approach your recommender early to give them time
  • Arrange meeting with them to explain your career goals and admission criteria
  • Provide your complete profile
  • Provide profile of the school you are applying
  • Behave nicely
  • Give them clues about the points you want to highlight
  • Send thank you letters after you get admission
Don'ts for LoR
  • Do not find some notable person as recommender who doesn't know you well
  • Don't forge your LoR
  • Don't force your recommender to write certain contents
  • Don't prefer to read the LoR, trust your recommender
  • Don't ask recommender to ask you

Sometimes recommender may ask you to fill the form and write the letter for them. Do not overreact and write actual things rather than factual and support with some examples.

Good Luck!
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