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Advanced Organic Chemistry - Part B - Reactions & Synthesis - Carey and Sundberg


 1. Alkylation of Enolates and other Carbon Nucleophiles
 2. Reactions of Carbon Nucleophiles with Carbonyl Compounds
 3. Functional Group Interconversion by Substitution, Including Protection and Deprotection
 4. Electrophilic Additions to Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds
 5. Reduction of Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds, Carbonyl Groups, and other Functional Groups
 6. Concerted Cycloadditions, Unimolecular Rearrangements, and Thermal Eliminations
 7. Organometallic Compounds of Group I and II Metals
 8. Reactions Involving Transition Metals
 9. Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions of Compounds of Boron, Silicon, and Tin
 10. Reactions Involving Carbocations, Carbenes, and Radicals as Reactive Intermediates
 11. Aromatic Substitution Reactions
 12. Oxidations
 13. Multistep Syntheses
 References for Problems

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