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The Aging Mind: Opportunities in Cognitive Research - Paul C. Stern and Laura L. Carstensen


1 Understanding the Aging Mind 7
A Conceptual Framework, 9
Identifying Research Opportunities, 11
About This Book, 12
2 Neural Health 14
Recent Scientific Developments, 15
Research Initiative on Neural Health, 17
Implementation Issues, 19
3 Cognition in Context 21
Recent Scientific Developments, 22
Research Initiative on Cognition in Context, 30
4 Structure of the Aging Mind 37
Recent Scientific Advances, 38
Research Initiative on the Structure of the Aging Mind, 50

5 Implementation 54
Organization of Research Support, 54
Promoting Interdisciplinary Research, 55
Research Infrastructure, 56
Collaboration Across Institutes, 62
References 64
A Age-Related Shifts in Neural Circuit Characteristics and
Their Impact on Age-Related Cognitive Impairments 83
John H. Morrison
B Homeostatic Processes in Brain Aging: The Role of
Apoptosis, Inflammation, and Oxidative Stress in
Regulating Healthy Neural Circuitry in the Aging Brain 114
Carl W. Cotman
C The Bearable Lightness of Aging: Judgment and
Decision Processes in Older Adults 144
Ellen Peters, Melissa L. Finucane, Donald G. MacGregor,
and Paul Slovic
D Cognitive Aging and Adaptive Technologies 166
Donald L. Fisher
E Health Effects on Cognitive Aging 189
Shari R. Waldstein
F Cultural Variations in Cognition: Implications for
Aging Research 218
Shinobu Kitayama
G Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain in
Nonhuman Primates: A Prospectus for Research on Aging 238
Thomas D. Albright
H Biographical Sketches 251

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