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The Computational Brain - Patricia Churchland and Terrence J. Sejnowski


Neuroscience Overview
    2Levels in Nervous Systems
    3Structure at Various Levels of Organization
    4A Short List of Brain Facts
Computational Overview
    2Looking Up the Answer
    3Linear Associators
    4Constraint Satisfaction: Hopfield Networks and Boltzmann Machines
    5Learning in Neural Nets
    6Competitive Learning
    7Curve Fitting
    8Feedforward Nets: Two Examples
    9Recurrent Nets
    10From Toy World to Real World
    11What Good are Optimazation Procedures to Neuroscience?
    12Models: Realistic and Abstract
    13Concluding Remarks
    Selected Readings
    Selected Journals
Representing the World
    2Constructing a Visual World
    3Thumbnail Sketch of the Mammalian Visual System
    4Representing in the Brain: What Can We Learn from the Visual System?
    5What Is So Special About Distribution?
    6World Enough and Time
    7Shape From Shading: A Neurocomputational Study
    8Stereo Vision
    9Computational Models of Stereo Vision
    10Hyperacuity: From Mystery to Mechanism
    11Vector Averaging
    12Concluding Remarks
    Selected Readings
Plasticity: Cells, Circuits, Brains, and Behavior
    2Learning and the Hippocampus
    3Donald Hebb and Synaptic Plasticity
    4Memories are Made of This: Mechanisms of Neuronal Plasticity
    5Cells and Circuts
    6Decreasing Synaptic Strength
    7Back to Systems and Behavior
    8Being and Timing
    9Development of Nervous Systems
    10Modules and Networks
    Selected Readings
Sensorimotor Integration
    3Computation and the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex
    4Time and Time Again
    5The Segmental Swimming Oscillator
    6Modeling the Neuron
    7Concluding Remarks
Concluding and Beyond
Appendix Anatomical and Physiological Techniques
    1Permanent Lesions
        Human Studies
        Animal Models
    2Reversible Lseions and Microlesions
    3Imaging Techniques
    4Gross Electrical and Magnetic Recording
    5Single-Unit Recording
    6Anatomical Tract Tracing

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