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The Genetics and Biology of Sex Determination - Novartis Foundation


RogerV. Short Chair’s introduction 1
Robin Lovell-Badge, Clare Canning and Ryohei Sekido Sex-determining genes
in mice: building pathways 4
Discussion 18
Jian-Kan Guo, AnnetteHammes,Marie-Christine Chaboissier,ValerieVidal,
YimingXing, FrancesWong andAndreas Schedl Earlygonadal development:
exploringWt1 and Sox9 function 23
Discussion 31
General discussion I The mechanism of action of SRY 35
EricVilain Anomalies of human sexual development: clinical aspects and genetic
analysis 43
Discussion 53
Vincent R. Harley The molecular action of testis-determining factors SRYand
SOX9 57
Discussion 66
Taiga Suzuki, HirofumiMizusaki, Ken Kawabe,Megumi Kasahara,
Hidefumi Yoshioka and Ken-ichirouMorohashi Concerted regulation of
gonad di¡erentiation by transcription factors and growth factors 68
Discussion 77
General discussion II 79
JenniferA. Marshall Graves Evolution of the testis-determining gene the rise
and fall of SRY 86
Discussion 97

Andrew Sinclair, Craig Smith, PatrickWestern and PeterMcClive
Acomparative analysis of vertebrate sex determination 102
Discussion 111
David Zarkower Invertebrates may not be so di¡erent after all 115
Discussion 126
Marilyn B. Renfree, Jean D.Wilson and Geo¡rey Shaw The hormonal control of
sexual development 136
Discussion 152
Soazik P. Jamin,Nelson A. Arango,YujiMishina and Richard R. Behringer
Genetic studies ofMIS signalling in sexual development 157
Discussion 164
Russell D. Fernald Social regulation of the brain: sex, size and status 169
Discussion 184
Humphrey Hung-ChangYao, ChristopherTilmann, Guang-Quan Zhao and
Blanche Capel The battle of the sexes: opposing pathways in sex
determination 187
Discussion 198
General discussion III True hermaphroditism and the formation of the
ovotestis 203
Brian Charlesworth The evolution of chromosomal sex determination 207
Discussion 220
Gerd Scherer The molecular genetic jigsaw puzzle of vertebrate sex determination
and its missing pieces 225
Discussion 236
Peter Koopman,Monica Bullejos, Kelly Lo¥er andJosephine Bowles
Expression-based strategies for discovery of genes involved in testis and ovary
development 240
Discussion 249
Final general discussion 253

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