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Sodium Channels and Neuronal Hyperexitability


Stephen G.Waxman Chair’s introduction: Sodium channels and neuronal
dysfunction emerging concepts, converging themes 1
Richard D. Keynes Studies of multimodal gating of the sodium channel 5
Discussion 14
Richard Horn Molecular basis for function in sodium channels 21
Discussion 26
Stephen G.Waxman,Theodore R. Cummins, Joel A. Black and
Sulayman Dib-Hajj Diverse functions and dynamic expression of
neuronal sodium channels 34
Discussion 51
Wayne E. Crill, Peter C. Schwindt and John C. Oakley Enhanced transmission
of glutamate current £owing from the dendrite to the soma in rat neocortical
layer 5 neurons 61
Discussion 68
MiriamH.Meisler, Jennifer A. Kearney, Leslie K. Sprunger,
BryanT. MacDonald, David A. Buchner and Andrew Escayg Mutations of
voltage-gated sodium channels in movement disorders and epilepsy 72
Discussion 82
Louis Ptacek Channelopathies: episodic disorders of the nervous system 87
Discussion 104
Je¡rey L.Noebels Sodium channel gene expression and epilepsy 109
Discussion 120

Lori L. Isom b subunits: players in neuronal hyperexcitability? 124
Discussion 138
Stuart Bevan and Nina Storey Modulation of sodium channels in primary
a¡erent neurons 144
Discussion 153
John N.Wood, ArmenN. Akopian, Mark Baker,Yanning Ding,
Fleur Geoghegan,MohammedNassar,Misbah Malik-Hall, Kenji Okuse,
Louisa Poon, Samantha Ravenall, Madhu Sukumaran and
Veronika Souslova Sodium channels in primary sensory neurons:
relationship to pain states 159
Discussion 168
Michael M. Segal Sodium channels and epilepsy electrophysiology 173
Discussion 180
Gary R. Strichartz, Zhongren Zhou, Catherine Sinnott and Alla
Khodorova Therapeutic concentrations of local anaesthetics unveil the
potential role of sodium channels in neuropathic pain 189
Discussion 202
William A. Catterall Molecular mechanisms of gating and drug block of
sodium channels 206
Discussion 218

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