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Stem Cell Biology and Gene Therapy - Peter J. Queensbarry


Stem Cell Systems: Basic Principles and Methodologies
Susan K. Nilsson and Peter J. Quesenberry
Cytokine/Growth Factor Responsiveness of Early Hemopoietic
Progenitor Cells
Antony W. Burgess
Molecular Mechanisms Controlling the Cell Cycle and
Proliferation-Differentiation Interrelationships
Gary S. Stein, Andre J. Van Wijnen, Dennet R. Hushka,
Baruch Frenkel, Jane B. Lian, and Janet L. Stein
Stem Cell Transcription
Sherman M. Weissman and Archibald S. Perkins
Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Proliferation, Purification and
Clinical Applications
Ruth Pettengell and Malcolm A. S. Moore
Delivery Systems for Gene Therapy: The Adenovirus
Thomas Shenk
Gene Transfer to Muscle and Spinal Cord Using Herpes
Simplex Virus-Based Vectors
Johnny Huard, William F. Goins, Giridhar R. Akkaraju, David Krisky,
Tom Oligino, Peggy Marconi, Charles S. Day, andJoseph C. Glorioso

Herpes Virus Vectors 201
Xandra 0. Breakefield, Peter Pechan, Karen Johnston,
and David Jacoby
Delivery Systems for Gene Therapy: Adeno-Associated Virus
Gabriele Kroner- Lux, Christopher E. Walsh,
and Richard Jude Sam&ski
Delivery Systems for Gene Therapy: Adeno-Associated
Virus 2
A run Srivastava
Ribozyme Gene Therapy Targeting Stem Cells for
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
Anthony D. Ho, Ping Law, Xinqiang Li, and Flossie Wong-Staal
Elements of DNA Vaccine Design
Michael J. Caufield and Margaret A. Liu
Development of Gene Therapy for Gaucher Disease
J.A. Barranger, E. 0. Rice, J. Dun&an, M. Eljanne, N. Takivama,
M. Nimgaonkar, J. Mierski, M. Beeler, A. Kemp, J. Lancia,dS. Lucot,
S. Schierer-Fochler, J. Mannion-Henderson, T. Mohney, W. Swaney,
A. Bahnson, V. Bansal, and E. Ball
Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy: Correction of Genetic
Disease Affecting Hematopoietic Cells
Jeffrevd A. Medin, Johan Richter, and Stefan Karlsson
Gene Therapy for Hemophilia
Katherine A. High
Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy: Anemias
George F. Atweh and Bernard G. Forget
Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy in Cancer: Modification
of Sensitivity to Therapeutic Agents
Thomas Licht, Michael M. Gottesman, and Ira Pastan
Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy: Brian Tumors
Kenneth W. Culver and John C. Van Gilder
Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy: Cardiovascular Disease
Jonathan C. Fox
Applications of Gene Therapy to Neurological Diseases
and Injuries
Derek L. Choi-Lundberg and Martha C. Bohn

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