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10 Tips to Get a High GRE Score - GRE Greater than 320

Want to Score High in GRE? If you follow these steps, your GRE score will improve.

1. Relax and Plan:

GRE preparation can be stressful. Focus on the task and not about anything else. Study for GRE step by step and give yourself a break whenever needed.

2. GRE Practice Tests:

Start with giving a GRE Practice Test to find out where you stand. You will be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. This will enable you to be able to focus more on your weak areas and use your stronger areas as your strengths.

3. Make a Study Plan:

Keeping in mind your weaknesses and your strengths, make a detailed study plan for yourself. What, how, and when you are going to study for the GRE test. Make a Plan and make sure you stick to your plan. Keep alternating between Verbal and Quantitative study to keep you interested.

4. Improve Vocabulary:

The most effective way to improve GRE Verbal score is with vocabulary. Use word lists, flash cards or softwares to improve your GRE Vocabulary. Improving your vocabulary skills will improve your score.

5. Read Everyday:

Read everyday. Read novels, newspapers, online articles or any other material you like.

6. Practice Math:

Do as many Practice Quantitative Problems as you can and learn from your mistakes. Write down all your formulas and tricks to solve problems in Math. Read the formula sheet everyday to perfectly memorize all the formulas. 

7. Essay:

Write down a list of 100 Topics and make chits for all the topics. Keep all the chits in a jar and pick one chit everyday and write an essay on the topic that you pick every day. You will score higher on the GRE Analytical Writing section if you practice at least 100 essays.

8. Do Not Delay:

Start preparing for the GRE now. If you start GRE prep early enough, you'll have the luxury of being able to study just an hour or so per day. I repeat; if you want to improve your GRE score, Do Not Delay.

9. Mentally Prepare:

Time yourself during GRE practice tests to get a feel for the length of the test and the pace you need to be answering questions at. Act like the practice test is the real GRE. The last thing you want on test day is to feel tired when you're only half-way through.

10. Be Confident:

There will be times when you might feel that you can’t do it. Believe me that phase is very common and you might just feel that you are not made for this and you cannot remember 10000s of words. But don’t forget your path to admission in Masters in America starts with GRE. So be confident and work for your future.

Good Luck
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