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How to Select the Right Major and Courses in American Universities

Selecting the Major for your MS can be very confusing. 
You have to take into consideration a lot of aspects before narrowing it down to one. Few of the criteria below will help you to select your Major. Start with a broad list of Majors and use the questions below to narrow it down.

Ask Yourself these Questions:

1. Where do your strengths lie?

You know your strengths and weaknesses. Choose a Major where you can use your strengths.

2. What are you interested in or passionate about?

Think about your favorite subject in College. The one that you love to study and want to continue is the one you want to keep in your list.

3. How much schooling do you want to commit to?

Some Majors will make more sense if you continued your studies towards a PhD degree (eg. research, biotech, molecular biology and other healthcare majors)
If you don't want to do a doctorate(PhD) degree, then select the majors where MS is sufficient enough to get you a good paying job.

4. What kind of work do you want to do?

Think about the type of work you want to do, eg. a Desk Job, Field Job, Managerial, Laboratory etc. Find out what major will end you up in a job type that you like.

5. What kind of life do you want to lead?

Where do you see yourself in 5-10-20 years. Your lifestyle depends a lot on the type of work you do. Make sure your major selection aligns with your dream job and your expectations from your life in future.

You can always apply for more than one majors to get more time to decide and make the final decision after you get admission. Remember you might need different SOP and LORs for different majors.

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