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Job Interview in the US - Tips and Advice

Even most qualified job seekers need to prepare for Job Interviews. There is no second chance to make a good first impression. Try to improve your interview skills. In the present job market, you will have to act better or you would not be able to stand in the competition.

Do your Research: 

Candidate should research the company thoroughly before interview. Where there is a will there is a way – And finding this way to gather information regarding the company “distinguishes the great candidates from the good candidates”. Try to search as much as possible about the company’s profile, product, services, competition and customers. This information will give you an idea regarding the company’s need. This will give you a better chance to sell yourself.

Dress up Neat: 

Selecting appropriate outfit is the key to have a good first impression. Look professional and well-groomed. Whether you wear a suit or something less formal depends on the company culture and the position you are seeking. Depending on the company and position, select your best outfit. Even if the company has a casual environment, do not look as if you slept in your clothes. Dress confidently.

Body Language: 

Nonverbal communication last a great impact on the interviewers. Demonstrate your confidence – make eye contact, stand and sit straight, make a firm handshake. Speak distinctly in a confident voice even though you may feel shaky.

Look Confident: 

Attitude plays a key role in your interview. It is important to bring energy and enthusiasm to the interview. There should be a well maintained balance between professionalism, modesty and confidence. Even if you are demonstrating your ability, do not look overconfident.


Arriving late is not acceptable at all for some interviewers. Arrive 10-15 minutes early, which will give you some time to get fresh and relax before interview.

Listen what your interviewers are telling you – they will provide you information regarding the opportunities available. If you do not listen you might miss the opportunity to sell yourself. Be attentive and concentrate on listening.

Answer to the point: 

Listen to the question, think and answer. Do not try to beat around the bush. Make sure that you have understood the question, if you are not clear, ask for more clarification. Wherever possible try to give an example to demonstrate your ability. One example will be equal to hundreds of vague stories. Give example to highlight your successes and uniqueness. This will give your interviewer an idea of your past behavior and you will have an opportunity to prove your ability and talk about your skill.

Ask Questions: 

When asked to ask any questions, do not miss the opportunity. You can get valuable information. Your questions indicate your interest in company or job. The best question comes from listening to what you are asked during the interview and asking for additional information.


Send a thank you letter after interview. This demonstrates your modesty and interest in the job. Also, this is a chance to send a reminder about your valuable skills that you can provide to your company. Do not miss this last chance to sell yourself.

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