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List of Documents required to apply for admission in US Universities - Checklist

List of Documents required to apply for admission in US Universities

  • Confirmation Page of Online Application Printed with Confirmation Number if available
  • DD/Bank check for Application fee (If not paid online)
  • 3 Recommendation letters from 3 different Professors
  • Copies of GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS Scores (In addition of sending official scores)
  • Official Bachelor Degree Transcript
  • Bachelor’s Degree Certificate (Optional for some universities)
  • 10th Standard Certificate
  • 12th Standard Certificate
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Bank statement (Enough Cash for First Years Expenses shown on I-20)
  • Affidavit of Support
  • Job Experience Letter (optional)
  • Photo Copies of first and last pages of your passport
  • Proof of Vaccination (varies for different universities)
  • Copies of certificates or proofs for any extra achievements 

Document requirements may change from university to university. Please be sure of the exact requirements by visiting the university website 

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  1. Master’s Education and learning System in U.S.A vs India
    Education and learning device of Bachelors and Master’s in most of the Indian engineering colleges, degree colleges (private & govt.), and colleges (with few exemptions like IITs and various other top principle) is substantially different from education system in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    In India, we have one final which differs from 80-- 100 % of the overall marks or grade. There are internals in engineering with 20 % of the total grade. We are generally tested on the whole content in the text book at the end of the semester or year. Unlike, in U.S.A there are anywhere from 2 to 4 examinations. The examinations called midterms and each array from anywhere from 25 to 40 % each. The weightage for exams are anywhere from 50-- 80 % depending on the instructor. The key point is you do not lose all your points if you miss your final exam. So, if you get ill or have problems with some chapters, you are not penalized for that. The threat is equally distributes. The catch is, you are required to study all the semester considering that you have tests every 4 to 6 weeks depending upon number of examinations. Likewise each test is on 1/3rd of the course books to half of the overall material. Some examinations are detailed, but the majority of are just part of the content. It all relies on the professor. The vital thing is, Teacher who shows the course dictates the guidelines of tests. But, in India we have big device that manages it because of the dimension unless you are in a premier or autonomous college or University.
    In USA, they commonly are composed of 15- 20 % of the overall grade. Unlike in India, where you could get away by duplicating assignment from close friends, right here it is rather rigorous and plagiarism is a very major offence. In Graduate degree trainings the task is not obligatory, but teacher do give it and they claim it is required for your success in lesson.
    In US, quizzes are quite important. Often they are on the internet as a component of class and at some time they are pop-quizzes or shock quizzes in course. Depending on the professor there will certainly be Quizzes and it can be anywhere from 5-- 20 %. So, you need to be readied with previous course material. For us back in India, we have little quizzes.
    Team Projects and Individual projects:.
    We do not view many jobs back in India. But, in United States jobs are weighted quite greatly. They can be from 20-- 40 % of the grade. The goal is the teacher wants you to use the product you have found out in the lesson. So, they provide you a big issue and you will certainly have to apply the product you learned in the training.
    Class involvement:.
    In US, Some instructors provide 5-- 15 % for class participation. It all depends on teacher as said before. In India, we do not get anything various other compared to perception and might be some interior marks.
    The crucial point is, Professor that shows the course directs the policies of tests. In Grad degree courses the assignment is not obligatory, yet professors do offer it and they share it is required for your success in lesson. Often they are online as a part of lesson and sometime they are pop-quizzes or shock tests in lesson. The objective is the professors wish you to use the product you have discovered in the lesson. In United States, Some teachers provide 5-- 15 % for class involvement.

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