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Real F1 Visa Interview Experience - June 2013 - Chennai Consulate

Chennai Consulate
Texas Tech University (TTU)
Date: 26th June, 2013, 10 am

F1 Visa Interview Experience

Me: Good Morning Mam, How are you?
VO: Good morning, I am good, how r u? (with a smile on face)
Me: I am fine too
VO: Please pass me the passport.
Me: I gave her the passport.
VO: Which University?
Me: Texas Tech University (TTU)
VO: Why did u select this University?
Me: Told about the university and explained about the major that I will take.
VO: What are your plans after finishing your Masters?
Me: I want to deepen my knowledge in my field and use it to excel my career.
VO: How many backlogs?
Me: None
VO: Where is the university located?
Me: told
VO: Do you have admissions from any other University?
Me: No. Only TTU.
VO: Where else did you apply?
Me: Told
VO: Thats ok, your visa is approved.(With a Big smile )

This was very Quick. The whole interview was less than a minute. My Advice for you is to be Frank and Confident.

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